How we work

At ewolves our value proposition is, besides our working principles and corporate identity, the combination of online and face-to-face elements for a more efficient and innovative consultancy that allows us to provide services at a competitive cost to companies that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Do you want your HR function to be a strategic partner of the management team with measurable results? Would you like to spend fewer resources on administrative activities and use them for strategic purposes? Our experts at ewolves will support you in reorganizing your HR department so that it becomes a strategic partner for your company.

Working principles

Ethics first

People come first. Therefore, growth targets as well as the profit orientation of a company must always be in line with ethical principles. We work with you to develop a human resources strategy that, in addition to corporate goals, the working atmosphere and the well-being of the employees, in the best case, takes into account the benefits of the stake-holders in the entire supply chain. This gives companies an immense competitive advantage, and this is our goal.

Team up

The goal is to build up together the necessary structures, processes, and competencies, so that the customer is sustainably well-equipped and can proceed independently in the long term. We can only achieve this goal as a team. Power orientation and political wrangling in companies are often factors that lead to hidden costs and inefficiency. Real teamwork holds hidden potential that we want to unleash together with you. Working in a team and in your company should also be fun, with everyone working hard but also laughing together.

Think positive

We work with a positive attitude and motivate with new ways of thinking. Together we will increase the working atmosphere and commitment of your team. We get to the point, know the cultural differences and work with a high level of professionalism, where neutrality and integrity are a matter of course.

Origin of Name

ewolves uses the analogy of the team spirit of wolves breaking through old thought patterns. What do ewolves and wolves have in common?

Team spirit instead of alpha animals.

  • Leading with confidence.
  • Perseverance and patience.
  • Integrity and cohesion.
  • Importance of values and being a role model.
  • The importance of body language for good communication.
  • Experience and competence before rank a model of success not only for wolves.
In a wolf pack there is not a SOLE leading wolf, in a concrete situation the one who has the most experience leads. They grant a lot of freedom to make decisions so that young wolves can develop. If they notice that a cub is overwhelmed, they don’t abruptly regain the lead, but nudge the learners in the right direction.


Ramona Litzenberger is the founder of ewolves e.K. and an expert in human resources strategy, organizational culture and leadership development.

  • 15 years of consulting experience in personnel strategy consulting in renowned consulting companies and as an independent consultant.
  • Consulting experience for corporate groups (with more than 200,000 employees) as well as medium-sized and family-owned companies.
  • Consulting experience in various industries, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, automotive, telecommunications, sports, IT, transportation, energy.
  • International work experience:
    • In total 10 years in England, Spain, Australia, Laos and Mexico
    • Project assignments of 6-12 months for international clients in the United States, Norway, France, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration, Tias Nimbas Business School, The Netherlands, graduated with summa cum-laude as well as best student award in 2013.

Our network of experts

At ewolves we work with a network of international experts and depending on the required expertise we work with different speakers and experts. Are you interested in collaborating as a speaker or expert in the creation of courses? We are interested in expanding our network of experts and welcome new members to our team. Get in contact with us or just send your application via the contact details.


Reference of a mexican company in the food industry

Project summary

Mexican company in the food industry with 13 different brands and more than 1000 employees. The company was founded in 2014. The aim of the project was to achieve the “Great Place to Work” award and to develop a common corporate culture.

The project scope consisted of:

  • Refining the corporate strategy as well as the development of the corporate values.
  • Conducting the employee survey.
  • Involving employees and managers in the transformation towards a common corporate culture.
  • The training of managers and the establishment of the necessary HR structure, as well as developing the necessary HR tools.
The goal was achieved in 2020, four years after the start of the project and the intensive collaboration with the company’s management, executives and HR department.
For more references from other projects, please contact us.


Please see the ProvenExpert page to learn more about our customer reviews:

“Ramona’s consultancy and work were critical in stabilizing our subsidiary in Germany. She not only showed excellent technique but was able to quickly understand our culture and the objective of the project.” (Luisa Suarez, CEO Vitalmex)
“We would work with Ms. Litzenberger again anytime and she remains our first choice for future events at our facility.” (Dr. Matthias Schmidt, CEO Gimmi GmbH)
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