At ewolves we support you in personnel strategy issues and in the reorganization of the HR area so that it becomes a strategic partner of the company's management.


Get the right people


Promote the right culture


Drive results


Get the right people Brand. Recruit. Select. Onboard.

As an employer, do you want to set yourself apart from your competitors to recruit and retain the highest caliber personnel and executive staff? As a small or medium-sized business, do you want to ensure you are on people’s “radar” to attract specialists and position yourself as an attractive employer? Do you want to recruit the right personnel based on the strategic competencies and values of your company?

The experts at ewolves will support you in defining your brand and sharpening your positioning internally as well as externally in your market segment. It is also success critical for employers to implement a professional recruitment process from the first candidate contact up to the hiring decision to select the right candidates. For the selection and diagnostic, the experts at ewolves will help you develop the necessary tools to get a realistic impression of the employee’s competencies, potential and development needs.

ewolves offers services in the following areas:

  • Employer brand and positioning
  • Personnel planning
  • Recruitment process
  • Selection process and diagnostics
  • Onboarding process
  • Succession planning


Promote the right culture
Strategy. Values. Governance. Leadership.

Are you looking for support in the areas of corporate culture, work climate or leadership issues? The key to corporate success and increased performance of your employees lies primarily in a strong corporate culture, because “If Culture Comes First, Performance Will Follow”. In every company, there are common patterns of beliefs, behaviors and ways of getting things done that make up the corporate culture and significantly influence the working atmosphere and performance, both positively and negatively.

The experts of ewolves support you in the identification of these beliefs and behaviors, in the concretization or updating of your strategy and the subsequent design of the roadmap and steps to take, in order to gain a competitive advantage using your corporate culture and to achieve company goals.

The analysis is carried out by means of interviews, best-practice experience, workshops and targeted data collection. In addition, the status quo can also be determined based on an employee survey.

During the analysis, we will jointly determine priorities for the following topics:

  • Strategy alignment
  • Organizational culture, values and work climate
  • Governance and policies
  • Leadership
  • Employee competencies


Drive Results
Performance. Processes. Systems. KPIs.

The focus of our work to improve performance in your organization goes in two directions:

1. Human resources as a strategic partner

Do you want your HR department to become a strategic partner of the management team with measurable results?

Do you want to spend fewer resources on the administrative activities so that you can use them for the value-adding and strategic purposes?

However, HR departments often work too operationally and focus an average of 60% of their capacities on administrative tasks. This is due to the fact, that functional processes have often not been defined in line with technical functionalities and system workflows. As a result, many companies find themselves in a situation where data entry into the systems is incomplete, so that key performance indicators cannot be reliably evaluated.

On the contrary, at least 60% of staff capacity and resources should be focused on value-added HR processes as well as strategic issues.

This increase in efficiency is possible through process improvements and automation. Do you want to change this? The reorganization of the HR department or individual processes requires the inclusion of the customer’s perspective and requirements. Each process should be treated like a service chain with a measurable added value at the end.

The right metrics are essential for the success of performance-based pay as an incentive system with the wrong metrics can also quickly lead to “flying blind”, can lead to misalignment between the employees’ incentives and puts at risk the long-term success of the company. Many examples in the business world have shown our society that performance-based compensation can reduce performance and foster a corporate culture in which employees put their own bonuses and benefits ahead of ethics as well as what is right for the company’s long-term success.

The result of these incentive systems is, therefore, destructive behaviors within a corporate culture and a profit orientation with “tunnel thinking”. Instead, we can help create a performance model with you that combines commitment, cohesion, ethics, and the sustainability of the company’s success.

2. Performance management for employees

Do you want to introduce objective setting and performance appraisal to make the performance of your employees measurable and to manage your resources based on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

Do you want to introduce an objective setting process with your employees and combine this with performance-based promotion or compensation?

Our experts at ewolves will be happy to support you in reorganizing your HR department with the aim of making it a strategic partner of the company's management and defining the adequate objective setting and performance management process for your company.

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