ewolves aids people in their personal development based on individual coaching using the renowned psychometric analysis by INSIGHTS MDI®. The behavioral and motivational analyses are used to hire the right people, strategically deploy and develop their strengths, and build high-performing teams. The TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® global network has trained over 5,000 consultants and conducted over 20 million analyses since 1984. INSIGHTS MDI® analyses are available in over 40 languages and over 50 countries.

As a certified partner, ewolves gives you access to the INSIGHTS MDI® analyses and support you as a competent partner in your personal development.

For whom?

The INSIGHTS-MDI® analysis is available for three target groups:

  • Managers with the INSIGHTS MDI® Executive Report
  • Employees with the INSIGHTS MDI® Basic Report
  • Students and Young professionals for career counseling with the INSIGHTS MDI® Basic Report

What will be the focus of the coaching?

Through the analysis report, we will address the following questions in respect of the personal development process:
  • What Is your natural and adapted behavioral style?
  • How do you appear to others?
  • How do you behave in work and stress situations?
  • How do you lead your employees, and in which work environment do you perform best?
  • What are your motives and personal “drivers”?

How does it work?

You conveniently complete the INSIGHTS MDI® questionnaire online and receive your personal coaching based on a detailed analysis report (35 pages) that explains and interprets personal behavior and our motives. In general, human performance can be divided into three areas. The INSIGHTS MDI® analysis tool focuses on two of these factors: HOW we do something and WHY we do it.

  • The WHAT – know-how (our skills, experiences, competencies).
  • The HOW – behavior (our natural and adapted behavioral preferences).
  • The WHY – motives (our personal drive system).

Computer-aided and scientifically validated, the INSIGHTS MDI® analysis highlights skills, competencies, behavior, and the personal motivation system. It outlines how we behave in certain work and stress situations, how we act in a team and which role we think we have to play.

The INSIGHTS MDI® analysis represents both the natural basic behavior and the displayed behavioral (adapted behavioral style). If required, the personal coaching can also be combined with team development for your entire team.

Download sample reports

Once you have received our code, you can complete your INSIGHTS MDI® analysis by clicking on the link below:

Data Privacy Consent

The INSIGHTS MDI® analysis tools were developed to gather valid data about an individual’s behavioral preferences, motivators and EQ (emotional intelligence). I hereby confirm that the data entered in the survey only concerns myself personally and not third parties, in accordance with relevant data protection regulations (National Data Protection Act, GDPR). In order to generate the required evaluation for you, we and our contractually bound data processors will process your data according to our data privacy statement. Moreover, we will process your data safely and as strictly confidential, and we won’t disclose your data to third parties. We also regularly check compliance with the high level of our data privacy regulations. By completing and sending the following survey, you expressly and voluntarily agree that: * Your personal data (first name, last name, email address, sex, optionally position and organization) as well as all the data entered into the survey is saved, analyzed and send to you or the person / organization that provided you the access key. * The analysis and generation of results is carried out completely automatically (Profiling). * The data is also processed in third countries (US)for the above-mentioned purposes in accordance with the relevant legal data protection regulations, regularly checked by us. If you do not agree to this data privacy statement, please stop the entry of your data at this point. In this case, no personal analysis can be generated for you!

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